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Boozler Nation.

Sorry for the delayed post, been a really hectic couple days.  I want to start by thanking everyone who has shown support for this years 10th anniversary.  The comments are all read and enjoyed - even the bad ones.  As tired as i feel right now, some of your comments motivate me to keep going and to keep reaching for the stars.

It sucks that i have to use tonite’s blog to clear up some confusion.  Yesterday, a website I have considered ”friends” of Bamboozle, posted INACCURATE confirmations to our line up.  This display of poor journalism resulted in other sites picking up a story that was premature and not confirmed by The Bamboozle.  Our event has supported this website for the past 9 years, to say their actions are disappointing is a major understatement.  While the site has continued to deterioriate over the past couple years, we planned to stay loyal.  Its these relationships that have meant so much to us over the years. I would have expected better journalism from them, and for their mysterious leader to allow a creditless fan club post to be reported as a confirmed list of artists for our event is childs play. Pretty sad this website would dupe our fans to draw hits to their website.  To our fans, I appologize.  Today marks the end of this relationship and in the future, please check for all the most upto date information about this historic event.  We have launched a new twitter that will serve as the only source for confirmed 2012 Bamboozle Festival artists.  Please follow @BAMBOOZLEPRESS if you want Bamboozle media and press updates from Maria and the staff at PFA Media who handle all things Bamboozle.  Plus, they keep me on time for all my interviews, lectures and media appearances.   


I am happy to announce that tonite, at 11:59pm, i will need all of our loyal fanbase to go purchase their 3 day passes.  For one hour only - 12am to 1am (tonite), we will be offering our dedicated and incredible Boozler fanbase and opportunity to by a special 3 day pass for $175, plus listed fees. This is from all of us at Bamboozle to all of you, i know some of you are disappointed in the increased prices and this is one way we hope to show our appreciation for your years of loyalty.  This pre-sale is for 1 hour only, tonite, 12am to 1am.  The password for the pre-sale is “4FANS”.  David and crew will be sending out notice as well, just one hour tonight, so please…take advantage of this one time special offer from me to all of you!

There is so much i would like to share with you about Bamboozle 2012.  I’m just as anxious to tell you all, as you all are for me to tell you.  But, fortunately, i’m a kid at heart and i have to have fun doing so.  Clues, hints, challenges and team work all lie ahead for you in the next few months.  I can not wait for you guys to see this final line up, i am so proud of the work Christian Mckinght, Nadine Dunn and the rest of my amazing team this year.

Lets go back to one of the paragraphs above, once the new twitter gets 500 followers, i will begin to unveil The Gursky Project which will take you behind the scenes as we plan this years event.  Cameras were rolling last Friday and that footage, including a preview of the 2012 festival site, is ready to debut.  Once the 500th follower hits, we will begin uploading the file.  And i assure you, the video has hints, watch closely.

Time to goto a show, tonight is the night i am checking out a young artist who may earn a slot to Bamboozle…wish him luck.  big fan of his track.

From me to all of you,