LincStar Boss
Happy Birthday, Bamboozle.

Our friends at TicketMaster took it upon themselves to ruin a wonderful surprise we have planned for all of our fans.  I am going not going to address the leaks or confusion, only to say: Happy Birthday Bamboozle.

Tomorrow morning we will announce our line up at 6am.  I plan on being on WRAT 95.9FM for the morning show (6am) to discuss the announcement, some of tonite’s drama and all the details about The Bamboozle 2012.

The future will find us securing information better, our leaks will be repaired and we will turn to more clever methods of continuing the confusing traditions our festival takes so much pride in.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, i will turn The Bamboozle Facebook back on at midnight and our incredible new website will go live at 5:59am est.

Lets celebrate tomorrow, but remember, what you don’t see is what will eventually win you over!  This line up is special and historic.  Our site is incredible and Santa is coming soon.

I will close by saying this…you all may have found 3, but i assure you. i will knock each and everyone of you out in the very near future with what i feel is the most incredible line up ever assembled.

From me to The Bamboozle.