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Bamboozle Ticket Prices

Unfortunately this morning, our Fan Club service providers website was exposed.  Some of the 2012 VIP packages surfaced early and most were seen before they should have.

I would like to let everyone know that we have done all we can to keep ticket prices as low as we could.  This years return to Asbury Park is a massive undertaking and one of the most expensive festival projects in the history of our state.  There are so many logistics and planning that will be required to pull off a beach concert of this size and magnitude.  I would hope Tuesday mornings announcement delivers the excitement we would hope to celebrate a historic ten year anniversary.

Ticket prices are:

3 Day Passes:  $190

Single Day Tickets:

Friday $65 / Saturday $75 / Sunday $75

Ticketing fees will range from $14.00 to $24.00 and there will be an additional charge for wristband shipping.  Every Bamboozle fan will recieve their wristband in advance of the event, via UPS or other shipping provider. 

This year we will be debuting a intelligent wristband technology which we expect to provide a better experience for all our fans.  This wristband is used at all other major festivals and is something we had to employ as we move to such a unique site and setting as we have found in Asbury Park. 

I would like to assure everyone that every VIP package was put together to offer the most unique experience that any festival can offer.  Most festivals offer camping, we are offering hotel rooms within the festival site compound.  Our partners, Arist Arena, are the best fan club providers.  Their staff is dedicated to detail as we plan the 2012 Asbury Park anniversary.  With so many new faces expected, we are expanding our options as most major festivals do in regards to VIP Experience.  I will be reviewing and making sure the packages deliver what they promise and hope to provide some incredible performances in select venues, that only these packages will offer.

As your representative and so-called leader, it saddens me to deliver the news of increased prices and fees.  While i don’t expect this note to change anyones opinion, i would only ask that you keep an open mind until the full line up, plan of attack and layouts are revealed. 

I am lucky to be surrounded by such a talented staff this year that is going to make this year, one i will never forget.  it an honor to work with everyone who has been involved in the relocation over the past four months.  many who have never even attended the festival, rallied support as, not only does this return the spotlight to a historic musical icon that is so often overlooked, but also shows the development of an oceanfront project and its commitment to moving forward with music, arts and entertainment in the forefront.

This festival will be the most expensive festival ever produced in this states history.  Beachfront concerts are unique and require large and expensive resources to safely and properly execute.  All of our planning has been focused on providing a dynamic festival experience that rivals that of any other event in the country.  Our site alone will set the backdrop for one of the most amazing oceanfront events ever.

For those of you who will not be joining us, i want to thank you for your years of support.  I wish you all the best and hope that you find your way back to Bamboozle. 

To all the fans who will be joining us in Asbury, I look forward to making music history.

From me to The Bamboozle.

John D.

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    Even though I live in Miami, FL I’m still going! FUCK YEAH!
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    Let’s talk about how Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, and Blink-182 are all headlining tho……. I would totally pay $200 to see...
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    $200 a person is STEEP. But there’s no way I’m not going. Better start saving.
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    I LOVE the Meadowlands too, but this is the 10th year for the festival. It all began in Asbury many years ago, and John...
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