LincStar Boss
Welcome To Our Tumblr & Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of The Bamboozle Festival. Our staff puts their heart and soul into this festival every year, just as you all do.  We have some amazing secrets soon to be revealed and we couldn’t be prouder of the reaction and support we received from so many artists and fans over the past year as we put together what is going to be, an amazing weekend in music history for the City Of Asbury Park and The Bamboozle Festival.

My goal is to use this confusing social network site to keep you all up to date in our world, The Bamboozle.

We will try to keep it updated as often as possible, obviously with out giving out our secrets, that so many of you enjoy.  Let’s have fun together as we unveil marketing and social networking initiatives.

Here is next week’s schedule: 

Announcement: 12/13 10am

Citi Bank Presale: 12/13 10am- 12/16 10pm 

-Only 3 day passes and VIP packages will be available.-

3 days weekend passes will begin at $190

VIP packages will start $295 *Please note all Bamboozle hotel packages will include shuttle to festival all day. *

Bamboozle Festival Pre sale 12/15 10am - 12/16 10pm

Live Nation Pre Sale  12/15 10am - 12/16 10pm

Public On sale: 12/17 10am 

Most important is to spread the word about taking mass transit. Not only is this better for the environment since we are so close to the beach. But as a favor to me, please use mass transit so we don’t disturb the wonderful people residing in Asbury Park. We want to keep this as safe and subtle as possible. We are guest in their town for a weekend and The Bamboozle has promised the community, that the city will look as beautiful, if not better when we leave. It is up to you all to help ensure that The Bamboozle is a safe, clean and active group committed to keeping this Bamboozle to be the best one yet! 

The website will go live sometime late monday evening, Bamboozle Time.  Make sure to pay attention as things will always be in motion.

Monday’s announcement is expected to include three of our headliners. 

In a partnership with AOL, AOL Spinner will premier Episode 3, the final cut of The Bamboozle Documentary and the ending is not to be missed. AOL Spinner will launch the documentary to coincide with the early morning announcement on Monday. Also make sure to watch and catch up on Bamboozle Documentary episodes 1 & 2! Cameras start rolling for 2012 on Friday in Asbury Park.  We hope everyone enjoyed the documentary and we have some really cool stuff planned for this years Bamboozle TV.  Stay tuned to for all things BAMBOOZLE.

From all of us at Live Nation and LincStar, to all of our fans 

Happy 10th Birthday BAMBOOZLE