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After The Show…

After the show is the after party.

Each night of The Bamboozle Festival, we are planning a variety of after parties offering a mix of just about everything cool.  Just after the fireworks conclude each night over the North Beach, every venue along the ocean front and other participating businesses will host a variety of parties, socials and all night dance experiences.  Bonfires will be held each night on Asbury’s South Beach with live performances serenading the crowds, ”silent rave’s” under the stars and Amusement rides will adorn the boardwalk, while the Rocky Horror Show plays in the rustic Paramount Theatre…an amazing weekend of entertainment awaits each and everyone of you.

We will be providing entertainment each night immediately following the fireworks. Individual venue schedules will be released in 2012.  Free Inner Loop shuttle service will run til 4am Friday and Saturday and 3am on Sunday. Tons more traffic and parking info will follow in a seperate tumble?

it will be my pleasure to host one of the best weekends of your lives.  What we are planning is something i wish i could attend, so as a favor to me…help make this unforgettable experience.

Thanks to Christian Mcknight and Mr Happy for helping assembling one of the most incredible line ups ever. 

Pretty close to the Gursky Project!  Get your tickets tomorrow, Get your Mac card out! :*

I thank you all so much for your support.  

Who Bamboozled Who

Boozler Nation.

Sorry for the delayed post, been a really hectic couple days.  I want to start by thanking everyone who has shown support for this years 10th anniversary.  The comments are all read and enjoyed - even the bad ones.  As tired as i feel right now, some of your comments motivate me to keep going and to keep reaching for the stars.

It sucks that i have to use tonite’s blog to clear up some confusion.  Yesterday, a website I have considered ”friends” of Bamboozle, posted INACCURATE confirmations to our line up.  This display of poor journalism resulted in other sites picking up a story that was premature and not confirmed by The Bamboozle.  Our event has supported this website for the past 9 years, to say their actions are disappointing is a major understatement.  While the site has continued to deterioriate over the past couple years, we planned to stay loyal.  Its these relationships that have meant so much to us over the years. I would have expected better journalism from them, and for their mysterious leader to allow a creditless fan club post to be reported as a confirmed list of artists for our event is childs play. Pretty sad this website would dupe our fans to draw hits to their website.  To our fans, I appologize.  Today marks the end of this relationship and in the future, please check for all the most upto date information about this historic event.  We have launched a new twitter that will serve as the only source for confirmed 2012 Bamboozle Festival artists.  Please follow @BAMBOOZLEPRESS if you want Bamboozle media and press updates from Maria and the staff at PFA Media who handle all things Bamboozle.  Plus, they keep me on time for all my interviews, lectures and media appearances.   


I am happy to announce that tonite, at 11:59pm, i will need all of our loyal fanbase to go purchase their 3 day passes.  For one hour only - 12am to 1am (tonite), we will be offering our dedicated and incredible Boozler fanbase and opportunity to by a special 3 day pass for $175, plus listed fees. This is from all of us at Bamboozle to all of you, i know some of you are disappointed in the increased prices and this is one way we hope to show our appreciation for your years of loyalty.  This pre-sale is for 1 hour only, tonite, 12am to 1am.  The password for the pre-sale is “4FANS”.  David and crew will be sending out notice as well, just one hour tonight, so please…take advantage of this one time special offer from me to all of you!

There is so much i would like to share with you about Bamboozle 2012.  I’m just as anxious to tell you all, as you all are for me to tell you.  But, fortunately, i’m a kid at heart and i have to have fun doing so.  Clues, hints, challenges and team work all lie ahead for you in the next few months.  I can not wait for you guys to see this final line up, i am so proud of the work Christian Mckinght, Nadine Dunn and the rest of my amazing team this year.

Lets go back to one of the paragraphs above, once the new twitter gets 500 followers, i will begin to unveil The Gursky Project which will take you behind the scenes as we plan this years event.  Cameras were rolling last Friday and that footage, including a preview of the 2012 festival site, is ready to debut.  Once the 500th follower hits, we will begin uploading the file.  And i assure you, the video has hints, watch closely.

Time to goto a show, tonight is the night i am checking out a young artist who may earn a slot to Bamboozle…wish him luck.  big fan of his track.

From me to all of you,


Happy Birthday, Bamboozle.

Our friends at TicketMaster took it upon themselves to ruin a wonderful surprise we have planned for all of our fans.  I am going not going to address the leaks or confusion, only to say: Happy Birthday Bamboozle.

Tomorrow morning we will announce our line up at 6am.  I plan on being on WRAT 95.9FM for the morning show (6am) to discuss the announcement, some of tonite’s drama and all the details about The Bamboozle 2012.

The future will find us securing information better, our leaks will be repaired and we will turn to more clever methods of continuing the confusing traditions our festival takes so much pride in.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, i will turn The Bamboozle Facebook back on at midnight and our incredible new website will go live at 5:59am est.

Lets celebrate tomorrow, but remember, what you don’t see is what will eventually win you over!  This line up is special and historic.  Our site is incredible and Santa is coming soon.

I will close by saying this…you all may have found 3, but i assure you. i will knock each and everyone of you out in the very near future with what i feel is the most incredible line up ever assembled.

From me to The Bamboozle.


Bamboozle Ticket Prices

Unfortunately this morning, our Fan Club service providers website was exposed.  Some of the 2012 VIP packages surfaced early and most were seen before they should have.

I would like to let everyone know that we have done all we can to keep ticket prices as low as we could.  This years return to Asbury Park is a massive undertaking and one of the most expensive festival projects in the history of our state.  There are so many logistics and planning that will be required to pull off a beach concert of this size and magnitude.  I would hope Tuesday mornings announcement delivers the excitement we would hope to celebrate a historic ten year anniversary.

Ticket prices are:

3 Day Passes:  $190

Single Day Tickets:

Friday $65 / Saturday $75 / Sunday $75

Ticketing fees will range from $14.00 to $24.00 and there will be an additional charge for wristband shipping.  Every Bamboozle fan will recieve their wristband in advance of the event, via UPS or other shipping provider. 

This year we will be debuting a intelligent wristband technology which we expect to provide a better experience for all our fans.  This wristband is used at all other major festivals and is something we had to employ as we move to such a unique site and setting as we have found in Asbury Park. 

I would like to assure everyone that every VIP package was put together to offer the most unique experience that any festival can offer.  Most festivals offer camping, we are offering hotel rooms within the festival site compound.  Our partners, Arist Arena, are the best fan club providers.  Their staff is dedicated to detail as we plan the 2012 Asbury Park anniversary.  With so many new faces expected, we are expanding our options as most major festivals do in regards to VIP Experience.  I will be reviewing and making sure the packages deliver what they promise and hope to provide some incredible performances in select venues, that only these packages will offer.

As your representative and so-called leader, it saddens me to deliver the news of increased prices and fees.  While i don’t expect this note to change anyones opinion, i would only ask that you keep an open mind until the full line up, plan of attack and layouts are revealed. 

I am lucky to be surrounded by such a talented staff this year that is going to make this year, one i will never forget.  it an honor to work with everyone who has been involved in the relocation over the past four months.  many who have never even attended the festival, rallied support as, not only does this return the spotlight to a historic musical icon that is so often overlooked, but also shows the development of an oceanfront project and its commitment to moving forward with music, arts and entertainment in the forefront.

This festival will be the most expensive festival ever produced in this states history.  Beachfront concerts are unique and require large and expensive resources to safely and properly execute.  All of our planning has been focused on providing a dynamic festival experience that rivals that of any other event in the country.  Our site alone will set the backdrop for one of the most amazing oceanfront events ever.

For those of you who will not be joining us, i want to thank you for your years of support.  I wish you all the best and hope that you find your way back to Bamboozle. 

To all the fans who will be joining us in Asbury, I look forward to making music history.

From me to The Bamboozle.

John D.

Welcome To Our Tumblr & Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of The Bamboozle Festival. Our staff puts their heart and soul into this festival every year, just as you all do.  We have some amazing secrets soon to be revealed and we couldn’t be prouder of the reaction and support we received from so many artists and fans over the past year as we put together what is going to be, an amazing weekend in music history for the City Of Asbury Park and The Bamboozle Festival.

My goal is to use this confusing social network site to keep you all up to date in our world, The Bamboozle.

We will try to keep it updated as often as possible, obviously with out giving out our secrets, that so many of you enjoy.  Let’s have fun together as we unveil marketing and social networking initiatives.

Here is next week’s schedule: 

Announcement: 12/13 10am

Citi Bank Presale: 12/13 10am- 12/16 10pm 

-Only 3 day passes and VIP packages will be available.-

3 days weekend passes will begin at $190

VIP packages will start $295 *Please note all Bamboozle hotel packages will include shuttle to festival all day. *

Bamboozle Festival Pre sale 12/15 10am - 12/16 10pm

Live Nation Pre Sale  12/15 10am - 12/16 10pm

Public On sale: 12/17 10am 

Most important is to spread the word about taking mass transit. Not only is this better for the environment since we are so close to the beach. But as a favor to me, please use mass transit so we don’t disturb the wonderful people residing in Asbury Park. We want to keep this as safe and subtle as possible. We are guest in their town for a weekend and The Bamboozle has promised the community, that the city will look as beautiful, if not better when we leave. It is up to you all to help ensure that The Bamboozle is a safe, clean and active group committed to keeping this Bamboozle to be the best one yet! 

The website will go live sometime late monday evening, Bamboozle Time.  Make sure to pay attention as things will always be in motion.

Monday’s announcement is expected to include three of our headliners. 

In a partnership with AOL, AOL Spinner will premier Episode 3, the final cut of The Bamboozle Documentary and the ending is not to be missed. AOL Spinner will launch the documentary to coincide with the early morning announcement on Monday. Also make sure to watch and catch up on Bamboozle Documentary episodes 1 & 2! Cameras start rolling for 2012 on Friday in Asbury Park.  We hope everyone enjoyed the documentary and we have some really cool stuff planned for this years Bamboozle TV.  Stay tuned to for all things BAMBOOZLE.

From all of us at Live Nation and LincStar, to all of our fans 

Happy 10th Birthday BAMBOOZLE